Announcing JootAI Powered by MySocialPulse

Announcing JootAI Powered by MySocialPulse

CINCINNATI, LONDON—Cincinnati-based tech startup Joot is proud to partner with London-based tech startup MySocialPulse to announce JootAI powered by MySocialPulse, a new suite of investment products driven by cutting-edge technology that leverages large data sets and artificial intelligence. For a limited time, new users can get a free trial of JootAI powered by MySocialPulse.

JootAI powered by MySocialPulse includes two revolutionary tools: Personal Trade Monitor and Portfolio Monitor.

Personal Trade Monitor

With Personal Trade Monitor, chief compliance officers can visually track employee and company trades on a timeline that marks restricted periods as well as significant news events. The MySocialPulse social intelligence engine is built into the platform, providing context by analyzing sentiment and emotion surrounding each news event. Personal Trade Monitor uses emotional AI and powerful analytics to identify insider trading.

Personal Trade Monitor web

Portfolio Monitor

With Portfolio Monitor, portfolio managers can quickly and efficiently identify emerging trends in stocks and cryptocurrencies on social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit. Proprietary natural language processing (NLP) algorithms work in the background, analyzing thousands of tweets and posts per second to deliver clear data visualizations. Track how specific sentiments around particular stocks are changing in real time to spot potential risks as well as opportunities.

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Our Tech Vision

“At Joot, we strive to bring cutting-edge technology to small and mid-sized registered investment advisers (RIAs), broker-dealers (BDs), and investment companies,” said Bo Howell, cofounder and CEO of Joot. “When we decided to explore machine learning tools for these registrants, we knew working with proven data scientists was key to the project’s success. By partnering with MySocialPulse—a women-owned business—we instantly added a world-class data team to Joot’s excellent compliance team. Together, MySocialPulse and Joot will make compliance scalable and affordable for all RIAs, BDs, and investment companies.”

“Our passion and goals have always been centered on unlocking the power of data and technology, but more importantly how it can be used to add value and solve big world problems,” said Divya Prashanth and Janine Miles, cofounders of MySocialPulse. “This partnership with Joot allows the power of cutting-edge AI to be unleashed to enable businesses of all sizes within the regtech and fintech space to benefit from data science, where previously only the very large companies have been able to benefit.”

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About Joot

Joot builds automated compliance tools for SEC-registered investment advisers. Our goal is to help advisers meet SEC regulatory requirements. Our integrated technology modules offer chief compliance officers user-friendly, smart solutions that simplify and automate repeatable tasks, saving both time and money. Joot also offers a range of consulting services to complement our technology.

About MySocialPulse

The Platform MySocialPulse offers the first-of-its-kind social intelligence that uses cutting-edge emotional AI and powerful analytics to automate and transform critical compliance activities, including trading, investing, and portfolio management. By tracking and tapping into relevant conversations, our tools leverage trends and emotions across social media and news to identify portfolio risks and opportunities.