CCO Tech Announces First Ever Compliance Automation Solution for Registered Investment Advisers

CCO Tech Announces First Ever Compliance Automation Solution for Registered Investment Advisers


Cincinnati, OH (October 1, 2018)—CCO Tech today announces the release of its SEC Filing Manager, the first module of an integrated web-based compliance system for small- and mid-sized registered investment advisers (RIAs). SEC Filing Manager automates the completion of Form ADV, the starting point for regulatory compliance filing for every SEC-registered investment adviser. Additional modules will soon be released to create a comprehensive compliance system.

Many Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) at small- to mid-sized RIAs rely on manual processes or outdated tools to complete their regulatory filings. CCO Tech was founded to simplify, automate, and ultimately enhance the CCO’s ability to properly and cost-effectively manage the compliance process and reduce regulatory risk.

According to CCO Tech founder, Bo Howell, “My goal was to create a simple, user-friendly application that allows anyone to understand, complete, and file a Form ADV." Howell took his inspiration from tax preparation software, which simplifies the completion of standard tax filing forms for individuals and small businesses. He reasoned that if the complex U.S. tax code could be presented in a series of interview-style questions, the same could be done for SEC forms.

SEC Filing Manager takes a new approach to completing Form ADV and provides useful features such as these:

  • a new organization of Form ADV to make the process more intuitive;
  • user profiles that ask a series of questions to determine which parts of the form need to be completed;
  • in-line tips and suggestions to provide helpful guidance along the way to form completion
  • a clean, user-friendly layout and experience.

Howell notes that the SEC Filing Manager also creates a database that begins the process of smart automation for its users. “The real benefit of the system is the database that is created from the investment adviser's answers and profile. This data will feed other applications, ultimately creating a smart, integrated compliance system,” says Howell. These other modules include a master compliance calendar, document management system, and compliance policies and procedures manager, which CCO Tech expects to launch over the next few quarters.

To learn more about CCO Tech and its products or to schedule a demo, contact the company here.

About CCO Tech

At CCO Tech, we're building automated compliance tools for SEC-registered investment advisers. Our goal is to make it easier and more cost-effective to meet SEC regulatory requirements. Through our integrated applications, CCOs will benefit from user-friendly, smart solutions that simplify and automate repeatable tasks, saving them both time and money. If your an RIA-founder that is serving as the CCO, we want you to focus on growing your business and serving your clients; if you are a CCO, we want you to focus on risk management, not task management.