CCO Tech Expands its Executive Team

CCO Tech Expands its Executive Team

CCO Technology is excited to announce the newest members of its executive team: Dina Tantra and Mark Baltimore, co-founders of Global Rhino, LLC. According to Bo Howell, CEO of CCO Tech, the firm has been focused on building the right team, including leaders in the financial services industry that could bring fresh and thoughtful insight to our mission of helping registered investment advisers automate their compliance needs. Bo highlighted Dina's and Mark's experience in the financial services industry and shared his enthusiasm for pairing the operational and distribution expertise of Global Rhino with the technology and compliance focus of CCO Tech.

According to Howell, “I am excited to partner with Dina and Mark at this stage of our development. They are well-known in the financial services industry and have a reputation for creating strategic visions that are steeped in ethics and integrity. They are driven to put their customers first and to help clients navigate the challenging regulatory landscape of the financial services industry. Their experience with investment advisers means they bring practical solutions to the table and can leverage best practices. Dina and Mark can also tap into the most experienced professionals across the globe, which will help us refine and develop our offerings for the betterment of our customers.”

On behalf of Global Rhino, Dina echoed Bo’s excitement. “Mark and I are thrilled to join the Executive Team of CCO Tech. Bo and his team have created a next-generation solution to provide unique, simple, and scale-able technology-based solutions for compliance professionals, which we see as a game-changer for today’s investment adviser. By leveraging CCO Tech’s solutions, investment advisers are able to more efficiently and economically meet their compliance needs, allowing them to focus on investment management. We think our unique backgrounds will be additive to the value of the existing team. We believe that this offering has the potential to re-write how compliance helps investment advisers achieve sustainable growth.”

Mark and Dina each join CCO Tech as part of the executive team. Dina will serve as CCO Tech's Chief Strategy Officer and Secretary, while Mark will serve as CCO Tech's Chief Business Development Officer. Dina and Mark will bring their unique skill sets to CCO Tech so it can continue to develop user-friendly, smart solutions that simplify and automate compliance work so that investment advisers can do what they do best – provide investment guidance to customers.

Mark is a seasoned veteran of the global financial services industry with deep experience building and leading business development teams focused on accessing global opportunities. Mark was recently appointed to the board of Tidal ETF Trust because of his industry experience and specialty in the field of strategic distribution of financial service products. Mark has held numerous roles across his extensive career in financial services having established and led various businesses focused on the distribution of investment product in the United States, Canada, and the Latin American retail and pension markets. Concurrently, he has also deep experience within the global high-net-worth market place focused on U.S. registered investment advisers and the global private banks in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Mark has also served in executive roles within asset managers and at service providers, which has equipped him with a unique view of the global opportunities that are available to investment managers as well as a knowledge of the avoidable pitfalls that will be encountered.

Over the years, Dina has served on the board of a registered investment company and as an executive of several financial services companies. Her experience in setting corporate strategic direction and advising international asset managers in optimizing their U.S. business model is ideally situated to guide CCO Tech as it expands throughout the U.S. Coupled with her ability to synthesize complex issues and identify new solutions to age-old problems, Dina brings a depth of expertise in compliance, legal, regulatory, risk management, and governance areas. Dina worked both in-house at asset management firms and at service providers, so she is well-equipped to understand the needs of an investment adviser and how best to handle the intricate regulatory landscape that often keeps compliance officers awake at night. She has served as Chief Compliance Officer of several broker-dealers, overseen Chief Compliance Officers of multiple registered investment companies, and served for over 12 years on the securities licensing exam writing committee of a self-regulatory organization. Her specialty is helping advisers and broker-dealers identifying and implementing practical business solutions to regulatory obstacles and challenges.

Global Rhino is a boutique strategy and business optimization firm specializing in helping asset management firms identify and achieve their strategic goals through customized business solutions. A partnership with Global Rhino empowers the investment adviser to remain laser-focused on managing their proprietary investment strategies and enhancing performance results.