Farewell to Our Super Intern: John Simmons

Farewell to Our Super Intern: John Simmons

It’s a bittersweet week for us at CCO Tech. Our super intern, John Simmons, is finishing his spring semester and moving on to an internship at Fifth Third Bank in its Risk Management Leadership Program. We’re excited to see John take the next step in his career and we look forward to seeing him graduate next December from Xavier University, Williams College of Business (WCB).

John joined us in January 2019 as part of Xavier’s internship program, which is sponsored by the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship. John was our first intern and he set the bar high. With his prior experience as an intern at an SEC-registered investment adviser, Everhart Advisors, John already had a solid grasp on the investment management industry. While working for us, John also served as a Health Care Sector Analyst for the Xavier University D’Artagnan Capital Fund. At CCO Tech, John wore many hats, as all of us do at a startup company. He started in our finance department and assisted us with developing our financial models and investor deck. John also helped with our outbound sales pipeline and became very familiar with Hubspot, and he participated in marketing and business development initiatives. In other words, he acted like any startup founder. You never would have guessed he was a college student. John was always professional, hardworking, and fun to work with. That is the bitter part. We’re going to miss John and his contributions, and we’re very grateful that he selected us for his internship opportunity.

With all that John has done for us at CCO Tech, we want to help him continue his journey. John is expected to graduate in December 2019 with a degree in finance. He has experience in portfolio management, regulatory compliance, finance, hedge fund actuarial reserving, and financial advising. He’s worked at CCO Tech, Everhart Advisors, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase. And in high school, John was the Captain of the Varsity Cross Country and Track team at Saint Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. And the list goes on.

Dina Tantra, CCO Tech’s Chief Strategy Officer, shared the following about John:

From my perspective as the Chief Strategy Officer for CCO Tech, John’s hard work, dedication and out of the box thinking enabled our startup to add a critical piece of infrastructure, our Advisory Board. With John’s invaluable research and analysis, we were able to gather key data in our efforts to transform our business plan into a long term strategic plan. John quickly became our go-to resource for corporate projects big and small. He always lent a hand, even when he was swamped with school. He is the epitome of a team player!!

So if you’re an asset manager looking to bring on a sharp, talented analyst, I recommend John Simmons. If you need a reference or would like an introduction to John, please contact us. Otherwise, feel free to connect with him via LinkedIn.

P.S. Thanks to Cintrifuse for first connecting us with Xavier’s WCB Internship Program and to Xavier University for both hosting a startup-focused program and producing such impressive young men and women. Go X!