Improvements to Joot Documents and Policy Manual

Improvements to Joot Documents and Policy Manual

Managing compliance documentation and employee certifications is a chore, but a required part of a full compliance solution. Our recent redesign of Joot Documents and Policy Manual simplifies the process by automating structure, history, and signature tasks. Our improvements to the Documents and Policy Manual tools provide you with a full picture of your compliance program so you never fall behind.

Getting Started with Documents and Policy Manual

Document Management and Policy Generation

A challenge for any compliance program is the storage and organization of documents in relation to compliance tasks, employee signatures, and policy versions. Joot recently redesigned our document management system to help bring these elements together, keeping your company on top of SEC regulations.

New to the dashboard, an improved widget helps manage your most recent documents—including sent certifications and generated policies. The certifications display assignees and signature status, while policies are grouped within the system policy and prior policy folders.

Recent Documents Widget
Navigating to the Joot documents tab displays further details, allowing you to browse documents by category. Categories have been assigned by Joot to include all relevant areas of a full compliance program. Additionally, you may upload new documents to send, store, or review, or even generate custom policies from your company’s latest Form ADV through our improved Policy Manual tool.

Documents Tab

Document Details

By selecting an individual document, you’ll be taken to the document detail page. From the detail page you can edit the file name, preview the file contents, download the file, move the file to another location, archive the file, view the file history, and request signatures.

If a document has been used in a signature certification, it will display the current status, assignee name, and email. It will also provide an option to resend a signature reminder email. Joot automatically sends reminders to outstanding signatures three days before they're due.

For document history, a detailed audit is displayed, documenting where the file came from, what actions have been performed, and current file version.

Document Detail Page

Joot is a unique blend of technology with hands-on service that ensures your compliance program is prepared for a visit from the SEC. Feel free to contact us for more information, or check out our technology and services for a quick overview of what Joot has to offer.