Joot Expands Its Compliance Team and Service Offerings

Joot Expands Its Compliance Team and Service Offerings

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Joot team: John Ramirez! According to Bo Howell, CEO of Joot, the firm has been growing steadily and it is focused on building the right team to deliver both innovative technology and exceptional services.

“I am excited to have John join our team. He’s an experienced entrepreneur, talented attorney, and seasoned compliance officer,” says Howell. “John has been focused on the asset management industry for almost 20 years and he has an expansive background. John has also helped create and build new businesses, and that entrepreneurial spirit is part of Joot’s ethos.”

In addition to expanding the team, Ramirez will expand Joot’s service offerings into areas of broker-dealer and public company compliance. Howell adds, “John’s experience in other areas of compliance and operations will allow Joot to provide a more holistic service offering to our clients. Many of our clients are investment advisers that need help with broker-dealer relationships or operations and commercial transactions. John gives Joot the ability to better serve the complex needs of our clients.” Joot will provide more details on the expanded offering over the next few months.

Ramirez echoed Bo’s excitement. “I am thrilled to join Joot’s team. The fact that Bo and his team are focused on bringing next-generation technology solutions to asset managers is a game-changer for today’s investment advisers and broker-dealers. By leveraging Joot’s technology solutions, asset managers are able to more efficiently and economically meet their increasing compliance needs, allowing them to focus on building their own business and doing what they love. I know that my unique skill set will be additive to the value of the existing team. I’m excited to help Joot build Fintech that helps investment advisers and broker-dealers achieve sustainable growth.”

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John will help Joot continue to develop user-friendly, smart solutions that simplify and automate compliance work so that investment advisers and broker-dealers can do what they do best—provide investment services to clients.

John is a seasoned veteran of the global financial services industry with deep experience building compliance programs and managing business operations. John served as the Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary and a member of executive management for Dividend and Income Fund (NYSE: DNI), Foxby Corp., Midas Funds, and their related investment advisers and broker-dealers. Additionally, John has served as the General Counsel and Secretary for other public and private holding companies, operating companies, and REITs. He is also a licensed securities lawyer and founder of Accredence.

Accredence advises clients across a variety of industries, including financial services, green tech, insurance, real estate, consumer products, and e-commerce. Among other things, Accredence provides strategic, operational, and commercial services and solutions.