Joot Interview Series: Episode 4

Joot Interview Series: Episode 4

Welcome to our second Joot interview. We’re excited to continue delivering helpful content and thought leadership to you. This week’s edition is Part 1 of 2 (about 15 minutes). In it Bo Howell, CEO of Joot, speaks with Mark Baltimore, Co-CEO of Global Rhino, about why distribution is so hard to get right, why distribution is not just sales, and the steps that asset managers should take when developing a distribution plan (hint, don’t lead with product development). They also discuss

  • How to approach product development with distribution in mind and why asset managers should focus on building their brand and not just products
  • How the asset versus passive debate that has raged through the industry for over a decade now, and how asset managers can take advantage of this industry shift
  • Specific examples that are common in the industry
  • How smaller asset managers can gain assets in today’s competitive landscape