Joot Interview Series: Episode 5

Joot Interview Series: Episode 5

Welcome back to our second Joot interview. We’re excited to continue delivering helpful content and thought leadership to you. This week’s edition is Part 2 of 2 (about 15 minutes). You can listen to Part 1 here.

In this episode, Bo Howell, CEO of Joot, speaks with Mark Baltimore, Co-CEO of Global Rhino. They discuss trends in distribution and what asset managers should expect over the next five years. They also discuss how there are different themes and distribution models in the US versus Canada, Europe, and other markets. Topics include:

  • Steps asset managers should take if they want to launch products in foreign markets
  • Why fees are not the most important factor that asset managers should consider when building new products or changing existing products. For example, Mark discusses why newer or smaller managers should not focus on fees when building their brand and products.
  • Analysis of quantitative managers versus qualitative managers
  • A big tip for managers developing a distribution plan

Listen here: