Upcoming Feature from Joot Labs: Communication Compliance Review Tool

Upcoming Feature from Joot Labs: Communication Compliance Review Tool

Communication is a cornerstone for all industries—from external messages promoting your services to internal correspondence among team members. Keeping all your communications compliant with SEC standards shouldn’t hold your business back.

Marketing used to primarily exist on billboards and magazines, but now the industry has expanded to social media, digital advertising, and endorsements. In this rapidly evolving space, SEC regulations need to adapt. In the past couple years, SEC compliance rules have evolved to match modern business practices. The most recent update will be fully enforced in November and expands the definition of advertising while implementing additional prohibitions.

Likewise, internal communication that is subject to SEC review has expanded beyond traditional person-to-person interactions such as email. Team chat apps and video platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom also fall under the same regulatory compliance rules. With the pandemic pushing all industries to become remote friendly, the use of these non-email based applications has increased.

Reviewing all communications for compliance can be a chore. Updated regulatory rules are hard to navigate, and internal recordkeeping requirements can often feel like an invasion of privacy. Here at Joot, we’re building a tool to simplify communications compliance.

Revolutionizing Communications Compliance

Let’s face it: Staying on top of compliance demands is tough. But the SEC isn’t going to give you a break from your regulatory duty. In response to recent rule changes paired with an increasing amount of marketing and business communications, Joot is building a product that leverages the power of AI to help you comply with SEC regulations and reduce time spent reviewing your firm’s communications compliance.

Joot’s upcoming communications compliance tool is tailored to your firm’s needs. Plug and play integrations with your communication platforms to gather all your compliance reviews in one place.

Manage your marketing materials and social media posts through an online platform and analyze all materials such as print and digital advertisements, press releases, investor letters, and more. Meet compliance standards before you post to social media with our AI-powered browser plugin that taps into industry expertise by suggesting edits and linking to relevant SEC requirements.

Once plugged into your internal communications, the platform will provide an AI-powered internal messages review, protecting employee privacy, reducing human error, and making your review process more efficient. Skip the time-consuming process of combing through long email chains and instead zip through the review process by quickly approving or flagging sections of text identified by our machine learning algorithm. The platform learns the more it’s used, tailoring the review process to your firm while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your compliance program.

By automating your communication review process, you’ll stay up to date on all regulation changes, be prepared and fully compliant when the SEC knocks on your door, and save time with our AI system doing the heavy lifting for you.

Join the Waitlist

We’re excited for the possibilities our communications compliance tool will provide. Compliance doesn’t drive your business forward, but it can hold you back. Here at Joot, our goal is to simplify the entire process.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to stay informed on our future and current compliance products, then join our waitlist or visit the Joot Labs hub to view all projects in the works.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, or ideas on any of Joot's products or services, feel free to reach out and join the conversation.