Teaser Alert! We are Ending this Summer With a Big Reveal!

Teaser Alert! We are Ending this Summer With a Big Reveal!

Dear IM Cincy readers,

I realize that it has been a few weeks (okay, nearly a month) since I last posted to this blog, and I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve been distracted lately, and rightly so. It wasn’t the heat of summer or the lure of a fun vacation that distracted me, although those did play a part. It was something much bigger.

You see, when I started IM Cincy a few months ago, I had a simple goal—to provide practical advice to investment management professionals. And for the past few months, I’ve done that by discussing SEC rules, like the Liquidity Risk Management Program Rule and the Broker-Dealer Standards. I wrote about the impact of regulation on investments such as options and ETFs. I published pieces on market conditions, particularly those related to credit default swaps and corporate debt. And, of course, I discussed enforcement matters undertaken by both the SEC and the New York Office of the Attorney General.

Since the start of this blog, I’ve tried to keep its topics broad, like its reader base. This blog is fortunate to have readers at asset managers, law firms, regulators, and universities (in addition to family and friends). And the roles you play in your organizations are diverse. But behind the purpose of the blog and the topics, there is a deeper purpose: to help you and your organizations be successful. I wanted this blog to help you feel informed and better prepared to compete in today’s evolving marketplace.

In addition to writing thoughtful pieces, I also listened to what you had to say about staying competitive and relevant in today’s changing industry, and something you said struck a chord with me. While listening to you, I noticed that there was a part of our industry that was struggling to remain competitive, an integral and necessary part of our industry that was lagging behind other parts. So, I decided to do something about it.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently with colleagues to help address this particular area of need. And the time has nearly come to reveal the fruits of our labors. In the next few weeks, you’ll learn more about what I’ve been doing with the help of some intelligent and resourceful people who have joined me to address this growing problem. We believe you’ll see the value in what we are doing, and we hope you will join us to reshape the future of our industry. Yes, I realize this might seem hyperbolic, but we’re passionate about what we’re doing. And yes, this post is a teaser (and intentionally so), but we’re just not ready to reveal our plans yet. I admit that some of you already know what we’ve been doing, and you’ve already provided valuable insight, feedback, and support. Thank you.

For everyone else, I leave you with these last few words (until next week). In these times of uncertainty and change, there is also great opportunity. We can reshape the current structure of our industry in a way that will change it economically, intellectually, and practically. I have a vision for playing a small part in this change, and next week I will share it with you. In return, I ask for your thoughts and feedback; I ask that you join me in leveling the playing field for all asset managers; I ask that you help me as we change the future of our industry.

P.S. If the suspense is killing you and you absolutely must know what is coming before next weekend, get in touch and I'll give you a hint.