Welcome to the Crossroads of Technology and Investment Management: IM Crossroads

Welcome to the Crossroads of Technology and Investment Management: IM Crossroads

Dear readers,

Thank you. Since we launched this blog in March 2018, we've seen its subscription grow to over 500 people. We hope that means we're delivering content that you find exciting and unique. (Please let us know if that is not accurate.) But over the past few months, we've noticed a trend in our posts, a trend that reflects our growing interest in the intersection of investment management and technology. Part of that trend led to the launch of CCO Technology, which we teased you about and then announced in August. And we've got some big news coming about that endeavor. In the meantime, we realized it was time to focus our blog and make it distinct. So today, we're announcing the rebranding of IM Cincy and its new location on the CCO Technology website.

First the rebrand. Cincy will now be called IM Crossroads. The blog will remain an open forum that is dedicated to investment management, and we'll still post on all aspects of the industry. But you will notice that many of the posts will focus on the intersection of investment management and technology. For example, we were excited to introduce you to Titan, a technology platform that simplifies the administration of private funds. We also posted articles on how artificial intelligence is being used by the SEC and service providers.

You may be wondering, why did we choose IM Crossroads? Well, as Ernest Hemingway once said: "We have to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs." Here at the intersection of investment management and technology, there are no signs that will tell you the future, but you will find friends and colleagues that are traveling on the same roads. While we can't tell you which way to go, we can at least make sure you make the journey safely with people who share your same dreams and passions.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy our commentary and will spread the word about the blog. To that end, we ask that you share our blog with at least one person in the industry that is interested in the crossroads between investment management and technology. Our goal is to have over 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2018, but we need your help.

We also need your help with content. If you want us to publish on specific topics, please let us know. If you are interested in being a part of IM Crossroads, we are always interested in talking with authors about posts. In either case, please contact us and we can talk about your ideas and how we can share them with the industry.

Second, the new location. You'll notice the blog has a new look and feel that reflects our focus on the future. As out tremendously talented copy editor noted, we need to name, look and feel that reflected our future-focused, cutting-edge vibe, so that's what we aimed to do. You can check out our new look at our old location IM Cincy or CCO Technology. Both websites take you to the same place: IM Crossroads.

We look forward to seeing you there!