Goodbye CCO Tech, Hello Joot! Why We Changed Our Name

Goodbye CCO Tech, Hello Joot! Why We Changed Our Name

When my co-founders and I started this company a year ago, our vision was to change the way compliance is done. I knew from first-hand experience the challenges that Chief Compliance Officers face—increasing regulatory requirements leading to greater compliance risk; juggling multiple roles, especially for CCOs in the small- to mid-size firms. We saw an opportunity to apply technology to compliance, a field that hasn’t benefited from intelligent automation as much as other areas of financial service.

For our launch in June 2019, we decided to call our company CCO Technology, a practical and descriptive name that combines who we serve—CCOs—with what we do—technology. But the spirit of our company from the beginning was always to Revolutionize Compliance for GoodTM. And over the past year, our commitment to that vision has only grown. Because of our clients and our followers—people just like you—we are emboldened as ever to help you do compliance right (i.e., simpler and more cost-effective).

Along the way, we grew with our clients, some of whom were established relationships while others were new. We responded to their needs after listening to their pain points. For example, many asked for technology and services, and we pivoted to meet these needs. Because we were becoming more than just a compliance technology company, we decided we wanted a company name that better represents our ethos, a name that evokes our passion for looking at compliance in a different way.

This is why we have changed our name to Joot. For us, compliance is about helping you operate more effectively, maintain your client's trust, and free you to do what you love—taking care of your investors. With Joot, compliance isn't a burden or hindrance to growing your business. Compliance can make a difference in your culture; it can be fresh, freeing, and yes, even fun!

So then, let us take the compliance burden off your shoulders. After all, this is why we exist. For you, it’s a distraction from caring for your clients. For us, it’s an obsession and mission; it's the Joot life.

We untangle compliance complexity and translate it in a way that’s straightforward. Joot anticipates every scenario and automates the process so your compliance program is always efficient, accurate, and customized. Joot is who you go to when you want compliance done right. We simplify the process. We take up the legwork and remove all the guesswork. And with us in your corner, you’re always out of the danger zone and squarely in the comfort zone. It's the Joot way.

We're Joot, and when it comes to compliance...consider it done!