You Beta Believe It!

You Beta Believe It!

It’s summertime, and it's hot, very hot! But here at Joot, we’ve been working on some pretty cool things, and today, we’re announcing the launch of our beta program for the latest addition to our CCO Tech compliance platform: Policies and Testing Manager! (We’re considering a cooler name for this great tool, so if you have suggestions, leave a comment below. Personally, I wanted to call it Mjöllnir, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue.)

Policies and Testing Manager is the fourth module of an integrated web-based compliance system for small- and mid-sized registered investment advisers (RIAs). It integrates with CCO Tech’s SEC Filing Manager, Compliance Calendar, and Document Manager to form a comprehensive solution that helps RIAs manage their compliance processes and documentation.

Using the RIA's data in its Form ADV, Policies and Testing Manager allows compliance officers to automate their compliance program by

  • using the SEC Filing Manager to identify the types of policies and procedures needed based on the RIAs products and business lines,
  • assisting with the creation of written policies and procedures,
  • creating tests that are linked to those written policies and documents in the Document Manager,
  • scheduling those tasks through the Compliance Calendar,
  • assigning those tasks to one or more persons, and
  • tracking each person's progress.

Completed documentation is automatically saved to your Document Manager and real-time updates are listed in the CCO Tech dashboard. Unlike other tools in the marketplace, your end users don’t need to have an account or profile in the system in order to receive and complete tasks.

According to CCO Tech founder, Bo Howell, “Policies and Testing Manager completes our core system, which allows compliance officers to manage their SEC filings, compliance testing, policies, and documentation.” He notes that the applications are tightly integrated and allow compliance officers to easily automate their compliance program while maintaining transparency into the implementation of the program. Howell explained that “at Joot, we’re excited to continue working with our clients to develop simple but effective tools that free them to focus on their investors while still maintaining a robust compliance program. Our clients care about compliance, but they have businesses to run. At Joot, we give them the freedom to focus on their investor and the confidence that their compliance programs are exam ready,” he notes.

Howell explains that “with Policies and Testing Manager, users have the freedom to create content based on our models or to upload their current content. And our system allows users to cross-check data between SEC filings, written policies and procedures, and other compliance documentation."

Peter Burford, Director of IT at Joot, notes that along with Policies and Testing Manager, Joot has upgraded its Compliance Calendar and Document Manager, and further enhancements are expected after the beta program is complete. All these components will work together seamlessly to make your life and job easier.

RIAs that participate in the beta program will get early access to the Policies and Testing Manager and have the opportunity to provide feedback on the design of the system and its functionality. In addition, participants will get access to all of Joot’s other applications, including the SEC Filing Manager, Compliance Calendar, and Document Manager. Space in the program is limited and participants will be selected by August 1, 2019.